What can I expect?

  • Professional tutor
  • Subject specialist
  • Caring approach
  • Pupil centred
  • Accelerated learning
  • Encouragement
  • Motivation
  • Up-to-date resources
  • Personal services
  • Regular contact
  • Visible results

I will provide:

  • a quick reply to your initial contact
  • an opportunity to have a 'no-cost' meeting with your prospective tutor before committing to anything further
  • lessons at a mutually agreed time to suit all parties
  • lessons in your own home to save you time, effort and travelling cost
  • appropriate course materials and well planned lessons
  • lessons at £35 per hour in person and £30 per hour on Skype / Zoom etc

In order to reach me

You can call me on

+44 1295 554017+44 1295 554017

Additional benefits

Improve your English skills and other subjects follow.